The Lotto Black Book Review – False Lottery Formula!

The Lotto Black Book has now been around a very long time and the formula is not a winning formula. I cannot believe this Lotto Black Book system is still being advertised as a winning lottery formula, created by a Math professor who states took 9 years to develop and was even shot in the foot by thieves trying to steal the system. The Lotto Black Book formula is a huge scheme, it is Not A Winning Lottery Formula and I will reveal to you the honest truth about this shady system.

Over the years many people have tried and tested the Lotto Black Book and the verdict is, No one is actually winning any lottery games using the secret formula, as the Lotto Black Book secret formula is complete Nonsense! If you really think a Math Professor named Larry B or Larry Blair created this system and won 3 lottery jackpots using his own system, yet does not show you any solid proof of any lottery jackpot winnings that can be verified, you are the exact person the seller is trying to fool to grab your money and you can forget about a guaranteed refund, not going to happen. Have you ever wondered why there are so many good reviews and YouTube videos on this silly shady system? It is because the system is sold through Click Bank and has thousands of affiliates selling the system for commission, which is why all the so-called good reviews are pure lies!

Here are the pros and Cons of the Lotto Black Book Formula below:

The Lotto Black Book PROS:

  • The Only Pros about this lottery system is, it will teach you a lesson to not fall for useless false winning systems using a fake scenario to grab your cash!

The Lotto Black Book CONS:  

  • The system have been proven over and over to not win lottery games.
  • The system uses a false scenario of being developed by a Math Professor which has been proven to be a complete lie. The system was actually made by a shady marketer, just thrown together using bits and pieces of other common lotto strategies straight off the Internet, that are also proven useless at winning lotto.
  • The system has been caught over and over using fake testimonials, fake photos of winning lottery cheques etc and every-time it is reported, the shady system removes them and adds a different fake show of proof, latest being a video.
  • There is NO Larry B Math Professor and there are No 3 winning lottery jackpots won. We even emailed this shady seller requesting to see his winning lottery tickets and as we suspected No Replies!

Real reputable winning lottery systems Will not be sold through places as Click Bank, they do not need affiliates selling the system to make money, the system already made them money. We have seen real verified winning lottery tickets from a few solid winning systems such as The Lotto Guy Lottery System which by the way is the best tested and proven winning system in the world! Other great winning systems you might want to use are the Gold Pyramid System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These are real systems and you will not find them sold through any place that affiliates can sell them.

All the top lottery review sites report the Lotto Black Book as a fraudulent system you should avoid. You need to use real winning systems, if you want real success at winning the lottery PERIOD! Remember if the system sounds way to good to be true as the Lotto Black Book System claims, 9 out of 10 times it will be a fake system.

The Lotto Black Book

The Lotto Black Book

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5 thoughts on “The Lotto Black Book Review – False Lottery Formula!

  1. One of our office people used the lotto black book and it is plain just trash, no math professor designed this losing system, should have known better. Thanx for a good updated review revealing this stupid system for what it really is, a big joke!

  2. SERIOUSLY! You gotta be brain dead if you buy into this Lotto Black Book nonsense! System has been proved a non-winning make belief system, no such professor created this system. He gets shot for his secret lottery system formula, a system you could just buy? This is completely a made up story, it’s not true and no one was shot.
    I would also like to see the claimed jackpot winnings. The system is not on the up and up and ALL review sites state the system has no real value or any real winners.
    why in the world would anyone buy such a silly system? This is one of the very few real reviews I have read on this system, the rest were just as you say, by people promoting the system to make money period!

  3. I have been using Lotto Black Book for many months. I am hitting consistent nothing using it. System was said to give 47 percent winnings, seen nothing, no winnings. System is junk, system is hitting anything but winning numbers, junk!

  4. Agreed the Lotto Black Book is a system with serious flaws. The system is nothing special at all, where do they come off claiming the system is by Math Professor Larry Blair, this is not real! The Lotto Black Book is full of basic information you can easily search and find online. I agree that nothing about this system is real and there does not seem to be any lottery winners who used and won with the system, even the seller the false Larry Blair, shows no real proof of any winnings in any lottery games, just pure sales pitches to lure in suckers like me.

  5. If I re-call the Lotto Black Book stated the professor took 27 years to create, why now does it say took only 9 years? The old winning photo shown on the old website was not even Larry Blair, it was another lottery winner, his real name was Michael Anderson with the face blacked out to hide the true persons identity. The system is nothing more than a crock of lies!

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