Gail Howard System – Gail Howard Reviews

Gail Howard system or Gail Howard software or wheeling software has many claims to have lottery winners in almost every lottery game in the world. There are many Gail Howard reviews to back this up, sadly they are all mostly written by Gail Howard and cannot be taken seriously as real proof. Gail Howard is not a lottery expert, just a common publisher and advertises her lottery systems or books like Lottery Master guide, or How To Wheel a Fortune, like spam all over the Internet, yet I cannot find a solid legit real winner using Gail Howard books or lottery software systems.

Gail Howard’s lottery wheeling systems have been around since the 90′s yet where are all the winners? They should be tons of them, but there simply is not. All I see are silly fake looking testimonials given that look cheap and very fake, so be very careful! I have spoken to many lottery players who have tried Gail Howard’s Smart Luck Lottery Wheels or her lottery books and not one person said they have won much using them, so I tried them my self and I won absolutely nothing, not a single winner and spent a small fortune testing the system. Should be called No luck lottery wheels. 

I have now even found the same wheels Gail Howard sells on free sites, blogs, and in other lottery systems that are made up with silly scenario’s that not win lotteries. What is going on out there? Marketers such as Gail Howard are pushing lottery systems that are virtually useless, even using fake testimonials to sell, most lottery systems today are shady! You cannot trust sellers as Ken Silver and his lottery systems as Silver Lotto, you cannot trust Ace Lee and his lottery systems as Lottery Circle, lottery Method, all found to be highly shady. who the hell sells a reputable lottery system besides the system that is known as the best lottery system in the world, the Lotto Guy Lottery System. I still cannot find a better system out of about 40 on the market, or even a system that comes close to giving good results as the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This reputable system actually won the 2012 best lottery system poll, by taking 83% of the votes, very solid proof it works! 

 I can tell you how to win any pick 5 or pick 6 lottery game much easier, just listen up! The truth is more people are winning the lottery by using the Lotto Guy System than any other system in the world. Do not trust just my advise, do a google search, even the top review sites as Lottery System Review Post state the system is the best bang for your buck and it has many solid good legit reviews. Just use it and you will be amazed at how much your win rates increase. stop getting taken in by shady lottery systems such as the Lotto Black Book for example which 30,000 affiliates selling this system which equal about 30,000 fake reviews, no wonder people are getting scammed!

Below is another Gail Howard lottery winner testimonial, I cannot find any proof this lottery winner is real, it looks very fake, no lottery ticket to verify it, this is very strange and very suspect. I have been told by others it is easy to fake this type of testimonial. Many other lottery systems that show testimonials are 99% pure fake. If wanting to use a lottery wheeling system, there are many other good systems on the market such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels, more winners reporting great results with this wheeling system all the time.