Lottery Circle Software Not Good System!

The Lottery Circle Software System by Ace Lee is definitely filled with false advertising and hype. The system is claimed to give you the lottery player a 96% win rate, which when tested by many users over and over, did not even come close to this silly false win rate. People need to know the truth! Ace Lee is a marketer who sells his own lottery systems and other lottery systems as an affiliate seller.

We have seen bad reports over and over on Ace Lee’s systems, especially the Lottery Circle software prediction system he claims is so great. Even the reputable review sites all give Ace Lee and his systems a very poor rating why? To many complaints that the system does very little to help you win the lottery and the fact that what the system gives you, is actually found free online at lottery statistic websites, same place he gets the info to sell you. Also the very big fact that he lies about the systems win rate, there is no system in the world that can give you a 96% win rate. As a matter of fact, the average win rate for the Lottery Circle System is around 2% or lower. So why does Ace Lee state a 96% win rate? That is a simple answer, he lies or gives false advertising so you purchase the system and will even offer a money back guarantee that is usually not honored!

The fact of the matter is this Lottery Circle System is actually a very poor lottery system just hyped-up to sound great. See what other users of the system say about Ace Lee and his Lottery Circle System HERE! (scroll down to the comments) I would be very leary of giving this seller by personal details and credit card number. Why does ClickBank even allow shady lottery system sellers to sell hyped-up silly systems? Systems sold through ClickBank are usually the bad ones that should be avoided.

We are seeing more and more bad reviews on this Lottery Circle system and it seems the only good reviews are the ones written by affiliates selling the system or Ace Lee himself. Systems that have tons of bad reviews are very risky to try out, we recommend you best stay with real proven systems not sold through ClickBank such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels or systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery system which actually won a 2012 poll for best winning lottery system by real users of the system. These systems win lottery games and are the real deal!

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