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We are receiving many questions asking about the Lottery Circle System Software created by Ace Lee. We will answer these questions and set the truth about this lotto software system Ace Lee claims will give you a 96% win rate. Is the Lottery Circle lottery system a good system to use? Will the Lottery Circle system work as advertised by Ace Lee? Where can I view some real user reviews of the system? These are the most important questions that were asked in re-guards to this lotto software system.

Is The Lottery Circle A Good System To Use: The Lottery Circle System is basically a very common type past drawn number software system. The will give you the Hot and Cold numbers for whatever lottery game you play, as an example it will give your lotto numbers for Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, OZ Lotto,Lotto 6/49, UK Lotto, Virginia Lottery, Georgia Lottery, California Lottery and so on. This is all fine, but the thing is, you can get the exact same information for Free online. Just find your official lottery game website online (same place Ace Lee gets system info from) and look at the past 6 – 12 lottery draws and pick out the lotto numbers that hit frequently, these will be your Hot numbers and the numbers that do not come up as frequent, these are your cold numbers. The other thing about using this type of method, is it has been thoroughly proven to only increase your win rate by a few percent, not 96% as Ace Lee states on his sales page, that is false advertising or hype just to sell his system. Remember, Ace Lee is not a lottery expert as he claims to be, he is just a very common marketer trying to earn a fast buck from you!

Will The Lottery Circle System Work As Advertised: No, the Lottery Circle System will definitely NOT work as advertised. To even suggest a lotto system will give you a 96% win rate is just ridiculous and Ace Lee really should be ashamed of himself for advertising this nonsense. The system has in fact been tested many times over and the average win rate users reported was about 2% win rate at best. You cannot trust most of the reviews on the system as they are written by Ace Lee or affiliates promoting the system for commission, these are fake reviews. All real lottery system review sites report the system as being virtually useless at winning lotto games and to not trust the 60 day refund guarantee as is not usually honored and we also agree with that statement.

Where can you review some real user reviews of the Lottery Circle system: You should first start looking at what the reputable lottery system review sites have to say about the system.

  1. Lottery Systems Reviews
  2. Lotto System Reviews – The Truth!

Then you can read a few very interesting articles about Lottery Circle System, on the first one just make sure to scroll down to the bottom of article and read the many Real User Comments on Ace Lee’s system.

Ace Lee Lottery System Good Or Bad?

Lottery Circle software System A Waste Of Money

There are many more articles showing that this lotto software system is not worth your time and money, these were just a few I thought were good to view. Now for some solid proof of what others or users of this system rate it at for real, no fake testimonials or fake reviews to trick you. Here is is the latest best winning lottery system official poll results below. These are the top selling lotto systems and people voted on which system worked well for them. (Just click lotto poll to enlarge)

After viewing the poll results you can clearly see that Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle Software System was not liked as a winning system, people did not vote for it. This poll backs up what the review sites say, many others say and what we say, the Lottery Circle System is just misleading you with false advertising, it wins no more than using basic random lottery numbers or quick picks, which really is a poor strategy to win the lottery.

As you can see the number one best winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which makes sense, it is the ONLY system in the world developed by real techs, and real lottery number pattern analysis.

We would like to point out that when investigating lottery systems such as Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle, we find almost every single system that claims ridiculous win rates and is full of misleading advertising is being sold through Click Bank. We have warned people not to buy lottery systems through places that have affiliates that can promote the system, this leads to tons of fake reviews and lies to sell silly useless systems. Play the lottery using a real legit proven winning system is the smart way to play!


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