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Many Canadians are trying to win Lotto 6/49 every Wednesday and Saturday each and every week, do they ever actually win? No, most Canadians hardly ever win Lotto 649, even the seemingly easiest three lotto number combinations. Are you one of these types of lottery players, who stick to playing every single Lotto 6/49 draw by playing lottery quick picks? Or maybe you just choose your own 649 Lotto numbers by random and top it off with by checking off the Lotto 649 Extra! This all makes sense, but sadly makes no dollars, as in winning 649 lottery tickets.

Here is the real scoop on the best way to hit winning Lotto 6/49 numbers and it truly is the smarter way to play. While it seems easy and fun to just tell the store clerk to hand you a quick pick lottery ticket, there are many people that firmly believe that quick picks are nothing but rehashed lotto numbers given to many lottery players over and over. Makes sense as the odds to win using only quick picks is very poor indeed. Almost every lottery expert that I have talked to never plays quick picks why? Because percentage-wise, there are more winners from hand picked numbers than quick picks and three times more winners using proven effective lottery systems, than hand picked numbers playing 649 lottery. So obviously if you are serious about hitting winning Lotto numbers, you MUST play smarter, makes sense right!

Now to reveal to you, the two top winning lottery a systems that have been verified and proven highly effective at winning Lotto 649. The first and highest rated system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This lotto system is now very well known for winning not only Lotto 6/49, but Western Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max. The next highly effective system is a top wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This is an excellent system if you like very easy to use lottery systems, great for people who have never used a lottery system in their life. See the example of one of many Lotto 649 winning lottery tickets below obtained with these lottery winning systems. Instead of winning only once on a lottery ticket, it is now possible to hit 2, 3, possibly even four lines of winning 649 numbers, try that with your quick picks or random numbers, it will not happen!

Western Lotto 649 winning lottery tickets

This single $6 lottery ticket won on 3 lines and look closely (click to enlarge) all the winning lotto numbers were not on the quick picks, solid proof a legit system works and is the smart way to play the lottery to actually win the lottery.

You now know what lotto systems are working to win Lotto 6/49, Western Lotto 649 and Lotto Max, the only step left is to get off your butt! Stop being lazy by just playing 649 quick picks, use a real system and you will have real increased odds to win Lotto 6/49. 

You can find the Lotto Guy System website here Lotto Guy Lottery System and you can find the Smart Play Lotto System here Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

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To seriously get winning Lotto 649 numbers you MUST use a proven strategy that is working for this Canadian Lotto game. Simply playing quick picks or using your own random lottery numbers will give you very poor winning results. If you are going to play Lotto 649 or Western Lotto 649, you may as well play to win for a change. How many times do you even hit a 3 lotto numbers winner? I bet it is not very often. How would you like to hit 3 lotto numbers very easily, or how about 4 and 5 lottery numbers often?

The strategy to win the Canadian lotto games has been tested and proven over and over and only two lottery systems in the world that give serious lottery winning results for these lotto games are the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a top rated lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these systems have produced many lotto 649 winners and Lotto Max winners (Lotto Guy System Only For Lotto Max). The Lotto Guy system won best lottery system world-wide by poll votes and does work very good, but we find the Smart Play system is easier and just as effective at winning Lotto 649 and Western Lotto 649. Winning lottery ticket as the Western Lotto 649 ones below are quite easy to obtain with this superior system.

  Above is an easy Western 649 4 lottery number winner and a 3 lottery number winner. The ticket cost $6.00 and won an easy $60.00 how’s that for fast cash.

Here is another winning lottery ticket for proof! On this lotto draw is another 4 lottery number winner that cost only $2.00 and paid $50.00. It is easy to win with the Smart Play system on a regular basis.

Here is yet another 649 Alberta lottery winner ticket that cost $6.00 and won $50.00. The point is winning lottery tickets come easy using the Smart Play system. Of course there are some big winning lottery tickets but we will not show these ones as shady marketers steal the photos and we cannot have that. The Smart play system has made many Canadian Lotto players wealthy. There are frequent bigger 649 winners playing Atlantic Lottery, Lotto 649 Ontario, BC Lotto 649 all using this superior wheeling lottery system, use it, it really does produce lottery winners.

If you are just playing Lotto Max use the Lotto Guy Lottery System and if you play Lotto 649 or Western Lotto 649 it is recommended to use the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system and or the Lotto Guy System. Remember after each lotto lotto draw check your lottery tickets at the WCLC website and good luck to all!

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