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Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto system is advertised as a Guaranteed winning lottery system with a 98% win rate. Ken Silver calls himself a lottery expert and his Lotto Systems have been around since the mid 1990s. He says he is a lottery expert which he is Not, he is just a publisher and marketer, but not a lottery expert at all. His Lottery systems claim highly outrageous win rates to trick people into using them. Ken Silver has been selling his Lottery Systems since the mid 1990s to date and his website has dozens of advertised testimonials he claims are real, yet over the years other sellers have reported seeing their testimonials on his site as he steals them and tells you of how great his lottery systems are working for them, he is nothing but a con man.

Ken Silver even guarantee’s a full 60 day refund if you do not like his Silver Lotto system. Ken Silver does this to assure his potential buyers they will have no worries about buying his systems, Ken Silver cites that his purchase provider for his systems, which is ClickBank, saying it is totally legit and has a 60 day money-back guaranteed full refund. All this sounds very good to a potential buyer until you buy the system and find out it does not work at all as advertised and you have been fooled. Many have tried to get a refund and were refused! ClickBank does not give refunds for gambling products, they tell you to get it from Ken Silver himself, well Good Luck With That!

Do some online research and you’ll find that Ken Silver is a notorious shady marketer or con artist who was taking people’s money way back in the 1990s sometimes they did not even get the lottery system they purchased and of course no refunds. This is where Ken Silver really makes his money, not by winning the lottery, that is just his cover to make himself look highly successful to trick potential buyers. Ken Silver has not won any big lotteries with his very aged useless lottery systems.

Look a little further at Ken Silver’s lottery systems, they are all just common systems (all useless) you can find off the Internet, just re-done a little. He of course doesn’t tell you that, he wants you to believe he is a world class lotto expert who has sat down and designed these winning lottery systems as Silver Lotto system, Silver Lotto PRO, Lotto 80 system to make you rich!

Ken Silver is not in any way a legitimate honest lottery system seller and now has been listed on many scam websites as the person to avoid, just go to Lotto System Reviews – The Truth! There are many more this is just one lottery system forum for proof. Honest legit lottery systems are very hard to come by and I only know of two reputable systems that actually work very well. The reputable lottery system many others use is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which has won a great amount of real lottery money and is the only system I can highly recommend out of about 40 systems on the market. It is not sold by some shady marketer as Ken Silver, and it is of course not sold through ClickBank, and does not have any affiliates selling the system as that is a sign of as very risky lotto system. Stick with a good tested and proven system and you will absolutely get good success at winning the lottery easier.

      Silver Lotto System Cons 

  • System Not design by real expert, thus poor results.
  • Testimonials on silver lotto found to be very suspect.
  • Ken Silver reported by many sites as a con man
  • All good reviews on the system are by affiliates selling it.
  • Many complaints on product review sites against Ken Silver,s silver lotto.
  • Super silly UN-Realistic 98% win rate proven misleading
  • Makes big claims for Silver Lotto System shows No Real Proof!
  • 51 page silver lotto ebook material nothing special, found online free.

Ken silver makes many big claims about his silver lotto system and the great winning results it will give you on a tight budget. Simply put, there is absolutely NO REAL PROOF of anything being true concerning this losing lottery system and there are ton of bad reports to back it up, so beware!

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Silver Lotto System – Silver Or Fools Gold?

Is the Silver Lotto System Silver, or just a fools gold lottery wheeling system that has been around for years surviving on hype! We want to explain to you the truth about Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto system that he claims has helped millions to win the lottery.

Ken Silver says in his articles the Silver Lotto System will increase your chances of winning by thousands of times. It is stated on Ken Silver’s website that the Silver Lotto wheeling system which comes in a 52 page ebook, will give you a huge 98 percent win rate. Ken Silver even gives you tons of winners testimonials from using his Silver Lotto system and shows you some winning lottery tickets he says he won with his own system that made him a millionaire, hence the nick name Million Dollar Lotto Man.

Ken Silver at the same time suggests his Silver Lotto System which is the first part of this group of systems you are told later need to combine to get even better winnings. If the Silver Lotto system already gives a 98% win rate how much better can his Lotto-80 system combine really give you? Also why does Ken Silver state his System gives a 98% win rate, which means you will win 8 out of every 10 lotto draws, but then on another one of his lottery sites (Winner’s Circle Agreement) says:

Guarantee, I do not guarantee the members of the Winner’s Circle/ Lotto 80 wins or winnings at any stage. Lotto is a game of pure chance and all I can do is make my reasoned attempts to reduces your losses. My expertise and inside knowledge is no guarantee that your investment will do any better than normal. 

So now Ken Silver play a different tune to his guaranteed 98% win rate for the Silver Lotto System, why is there no statement of no guarantee for that system which is part of his lottery system group, it makes no sense at all.

Here is what we know as FACT about the Silver Lotto System By Ken Silver:

  • Silver Lotto System is a very basic type UN-Proven lottery wheeling system.
  • Silver Lotto Systems claimed 98% win rate is pure nonsense!
  • System has NO real lottery winners (NO PROOF).
  • Ken Silver is not a lottery expert at all, just a publisher/marketer.
  • Ken Silver has been reported by many review sites as UN-Trustworthy Seller.
  • System Testimonials have been found to be fake.
  • All good reviews on the system are by actual promoters of the system, selling it for commission, which can fool many people into thinking the system is very good when it is not!
  • Silver Lotto System when tested by many people, routinely failed to produce winning results (No 98% win rate not even 2% win rate).

There is simply no doubt about it, the Silver Lotto System is just a GIMMICK! Just a silly made-up system by Ken Silver made to sound like it is the next big thing, but ALL proof shows clearly it is a flop! Did you know the Silver Lotto system was entered into the 2013 best winning lottery system poll? It’s a fact and the system got extremely poor reviews, meaning not one single person voted for the silver Lotto System (No Winners At All) as a winning system they used. (click photo to enlarge)

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Now let me ask you this, if the Silver Lotto System was really as good of a lottery winning system as Ken Silver claims it to be, why would there be no people of the millions of winners using the system place there vote for the system? Seriously, this Silver Lotto System is a JOKE! With all the real facts pointing out the system and Ken Silver as Un-Trustworthy, you would have to be very silly to even think about buying this silly made-up system.

You seen the poll results, the best winning system 67% voted as a real winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. If you know anything about this system, you will know there are many verified lottery winners who use and recommend it. The next systems that are still much better than the Silver Lotto system are Smart Play Lotto Wheels (one of or favorites) then Smart Luck. All you need to do to get real lottery winning results is to use one of these best winning systems.

You now know the real truth behind Ken Silver and his not so great after all, Silver Lotto System. Good Luck and lets get out there and win some lottery money will ya!

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Silver Lotto System All Show No Go

The Silver Lotto System has been around since the 1990’s and has been thoroughly tested many many users over the years, so does the Silver Lotto System really work? The truth is NO! The Silver Lotto lottery system is totally a made up system by Ken Silver and simply has no winning value. All real verified legit tests done on Ken Silver lotto system showed extremely poor winning results, there is nothing special about this Silver Lotto e-book, it’s just old common lottery wheels that have no real math involved, as to allow them to work correctly.

Ken Silver would like to make you think he is the world’s leading lottery expert by feeding you a bunch of false advertising, like claiming he was a big lottery winner, winning 2.7 million, yet cannot give you actual proof of this, makes no sense. Instead Ken Silver shows you on his Silver Lotto Website, groups of so-called winning lottery tickets he won using his own silver lotto system, but he fails to make the photos clear and zoomed in, so you cannot see if they are winners or not. Why does he do this? It’s because these are not winning tickets, just his losing tickets. Also all the testimonials on his website are totally fake! Almost everything about the Silver Lotto System and Ken Silver is a complete LIE!

If you browse lottery forums, blogs etc, you will find many posts about Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto System being talked about, all bad reviews. What people do not understand is, this Australian Ken Silver is a scheming marketer, he sells products that are useless, so he needs to write false reviews which there are many and needs affiliates to sell his system as it’s the only way the system makes money, not by winning lottery draws. All legit lottery review sites report Ken Silver as an untrustworthy seller, who actually specializes in selling useless lottery systems.

Big Warning to all thinking about using Silver Lotto System. Do not give Ken Silver your credit card info, many people reporting the cards are being billed over and over without authorization. Do Not believe the Guaranteed refund, it is rarely honored. Once Ken Silver has your money, it’s to late!

You can checkout legit lottery system review websites to verify all that I say is 100% true.

There are more review sites just search and you will find then if needed.

The biggest test don on the Silver Lotto System was by a person who used the system for about one year consistently, but did not use real money. He just wanted to seriously give this Silver Lotto a solid test. In the one year’s time the Silver Lotto system won about $250 in winnings, but would have cost over $2000.00 in lottery tickets to win that $250, so again this Silver Lotto System is not worth using.

Below is the official results of the 2013 best winning lottery system poll. 21 best selling lottery systems were entered, you picked which system worked best by placing a one time vote (anti cheat was in effect) Click on the photo to enlarge.

Look at where the Silver Lotto system placed. No one voted for the system at all! It received 0% of the votes. If the silver lotto system worked as well as Ken Silver claims it does, I’m sure at least it would have ranked much higher correct? The winning system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System which also won the 2012 lotto system poll and clearly shows users win using it. Sorry, but Ken Silver’s silver Lotto System is a losing system once again and polls are solid proof! This is simply a No Brainer, the Silver Lotto System is a falsity, just a money making scheme! 

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results


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