Lottery Checkmate System Good Or Bad?

The Lottery Checkmate System created by Sergey Tabin, Russian chess player who was searching for a way to win the lottery. This Russian chess player will give the lottery system for the low price of $26.99 (at time of writing) and the Lottery Checkmate works with all type of pick 5 lottery, pick 6 lottery and pick 7 lotto and lottery games, what a great deal, to bad the system has no real winners, all just made up nonsense to sell another useless lottery gambling product once again.

Sergey Tabin  claims to make 3,000 – 10,000 per month playing the lottery using his Lottery Checkmate system, but provides no evidence whatsoever, even the shady lottery systems sellers show some fake testimonials, so if this system is for real, where are all the winning lottery tickets for proof! I have found only very poor real reviews on this system, all good reviews are fake and written by affiliates selling the Lottery Checkmate System for a commission.

Also playing the lottery and playing chess are not even close, comparing this is pure nonsense. Sergey Tabin is telling us he is no lottery expert, but some how managed to developed a great winning lottery system used to win the lottery. Well compared to well known real lottery systems that have been actually tested and proven to win the lottery such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, the Lottery Checkmate system does not even come close to the winning potential it gives. The Lotto Guy Lottery System was developed by real techs using real award winning computer software to obtain various stages of data analysis, not simple hot and cold numbers or number frequencies (which are all free) as 90% of the poor quality systems are based on. We simply cannot see how any person smarter than a 5 year old would buy such a system based on Sergey Tabin’s explanation about his lotto system, it just does not make good sense.

As with most lottery systems on the market that are sold through places such as ClickBank and allow affiliates to sell them are usually 9 out of 10 times just a gimmick product to make money, that will never actually improve your chances of winning the lottery.

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