Lotto Payload System Good Or Bad?

Many people would like to know, if the Lotto Payload System is a good or bad lottery software system to use. The system tells you it can win any game more often with higher payouts, this sounds good if it really did as advertised. We our selves have tried the Lotto Payload system and we were not very impressed at all! Still we cannot go by just our failed results with this lotto software system, so we dug deep and really checked this system out from head to toe!

We browsed all the lottery forums and lottery system review sites to see what others are saying about this system. We found some very disturbing news, as not even one lottery system review site liked this system. In fact they all reported it was a virtually useless system that really did not work any better than playing random lottery numbers or quick picks. These reports from these review sites are given by real people who have tried the system and of course failed to win anything with it. That is exactly what happened when we tested the system, No Winners At All! Actually you can get the same lottery data the Lotto Payload system gives you totally free at many official lottery websites and this is exactly where the system gets their data to sell to you. Even though the lotto data is free it still does not work very good at all, a very commonly known poor lotto winning strategy.

Here is a few lottery system review sites you can read honest reviews for Lotto Payload System at:

  1. Lottery Systems Review Group
  2. Lotto System Reviews The Truth!
  3. Lottery Systems Reviews

OK, now we know there are many real poor reviews on this lottery software system Lotto Payload, so why so many good reviews when you do a search? This is very easy to answer, as when you do a search what comes up is most all good reviews by the many affiliates selling the system trying to earn commission sales, which is very bad as they will mislead you into thinking the system is great by writing fake reviews. We recommend never buying a lottery system if it has affiliates selling it as all systems sold through places as clickbank.

To show you even more solid proof of what real lottery players think of the Lotto Payload system, checkout the latest best lottery system poll results.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

After looking at the official poll results, you can plainly see the Lotto Payload Software System won NO lottery games as NO people won using this system. This is solid proof the system is not worth using! Move on to real proven winning systems such as the 2013 poll winner Lotto Guy System, which is truly a great system. Or you can go with a genuine proven lottery winning wheeling system as Smart Lotto Wheels Play. Both these systems are top notch and have no affiliates selling them, they are serious real winning lottery systems.

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Lottery Winning Lotto Systems Revealed

Looking for real lottery winning lotto systems, but were overwhelmed with all the lotto systems on the market, we’ll point out the systems that truly work! It can be a very tedious task testing lotto system after lotto system all claiming to win the lottery and trying to find one that actually works as advertised, we know, we’ve been there our selves.

With so many lottery systems telling you, yes you can win the lottery if you use our system even pushing at you testimonial after testimonial and some will post lottery winners showing you a winning lottery ticket or even a winning cheque or two, it really confuses people as to which system to use. The sad thing is you actually do need to use a lotto system to beat the lottery, you just cannot use the common, useless, lying, false, made-up systems by marketers.

Most lottery systems are designed by pros, they are usually Marketers, Publishers, then just regular people who copy another system and change the name. Look at these lottery systems, they all are claiming to be designed by lottery experts.

  • Silver Lotto System
  • Lottery Circle Software
  • Beat The Lotto
  • Gail Howard Smart Luck
  • Lotto Payload
  • Lottery Crusher

All of these systems are said to be created by lottery experts, but when looked into they are just publishers, regular people, store clerk, etc Not One Of Them Is A Lottery Expert. Would you buy a system from a person who has no real access to data software or equipment? Or how about these systems, they all claim to be created by Mathematics Experts or Professors.

  • The Lotto Black Book
  • Formula 1 Lotto System
  • Win Lotto Systems

Again when looked into, all of these systems are created not by mathematics experts or professors, but common marketers looking to make a fast buck. Then we have the systems that are created by a person who says has found a secret way to beat the lottery such as systems like:

  • Winning The Lottery In Three Steps (Mark Bower Lottery System)
  • Lotto Cash Machine
  • Lottery Checkmate System

These are just a few of the examples of the systems out there that are full of B.S, you could spend a small fortune trying and testing them and still most likely would have not found a good system to use.

All of the lottery system review sites  report that these silly systems should be avoided, only use real verified winning systems created by real lottery experts. Real winning lotto systems that truly win the lottery will not be sold through places such as ClickBank where affiliates can sell it, this is where the useless none winning system are sold.

You want real proof of real winning lottery systems, you need to look at the latest best winning lotto system poll results. People, real users of these systems voted on which system won the the lottery for them. You can lie about how good your system is, you can show your fake testimonials and out of focus winning lottery tickets, but you cannot cheat a poll, this is solid verified proof of which systems work or do not work! (click to enlarge)

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

As you can see for yourself lottery systems such as Silver Lotto System claims a 98% win rate, Lottery Circle System claims a 96% win rate, Lottery Crusher used to claim a 100% win rate until reported, Lotto Black book claims a 47.7% win rate. These so-called great winning lotto systems all failed to win lotteries. Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies is what you get with 90% of these silly lottery programs.

Now which lottery systems actually produced real winning results? In winning order is:

  • The Lotto Guy Lottery System with 67% voted as best winning lotto system.
  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels with 22% of the votes for winning system.
  • Then third best winning system at 3% of the votes was Gail Howard’s Smart Luck.

Here are the true real lottery systems, that real lottery winners used or are using to win the lotto. The winning system by far was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which is also the same system that won in 2012, so that is a seriously good system and all who play the lotto (pick 5, pick 6 pick 7) should be be using it, it’s the best system PERIOD!

Winning the lottery ins No easy Task! Used a real system and you chances to win will improve greatly, that is how to win the lottery!

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