Lotto Black Book System Is Fake!

The news is out, the Lotto Black Book System is totally FAKE and Larry Blair Math Professor is also a complete Fake.The Lotto Black Book by Larry Blair is advertised all over the Internet, claiming to be a secret lottery system developed by math professor Larry Blair. Is this secret lottery system really worth using? I will give you the complete honest truth about this so-called Lotto Black Book secret lottery system.

After Investigating the Lotto Black Book lottery system we find many problems. There is NO Larry Blair math professor, he did not get shot for his secret lottery system, Larry Blair did NOT win the big lottery 3 times in a row, He never won any lottery game. This is a phony marketing gimmick designed to lure people into buying the useless made-up system. The lotto Black Book is not a tested and proven lottery system, it really is a very confusing pile of nonsense. The system is very costly and does not deliver what it advertises, nor does it honor guaranteed refunds, so do not be fooled!

It is a very hyped up e-book filled with complete nonsense. The system is virtually useless and there are no real legit winners using the system, only good reviews are by affiliates selling or promoting the system for commission.  The whole system is a total fraud!

  •  Lotto Black Book system claims it will give lottery players a 48.7% increased      odds to win every lottery draw you play. This is totally Not True! No lottery system in the world can give you this high of a winning percent. The only verified legit lottery system that can give you a very high 30% increased chance to win is the system called Lotto Guy Lottery System (Tested & Proven for winning pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lottery games worldwide)
  • Which lottery systems do we recommend? The only lottery systems we recommend are for the absolute best lotto systems that real lottery winners use, in order are of best to OK: The Lotto Guy Lottery System (Best), Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Very Good), Gail Howard Smart Luck system (Just      OK) Smart Play is by far the easiest system to use of the group. If you are serious about playing the lottery, use these systems only! Did you know the lotto guy system won best lottery system by poll votes out of 15 other lottery systems in 2012 and again in 2015? It is reported as the best lottery system in the world! 

Read this article, this person totally breaks down the first sales page (there are two) of Lotto Black Book system and shows you what a lie the lotto black book really is see HERE. The second sales page has a few less lies, but still same silly system. You can check this reputable Lottery Systems Review Group to see lottery systems that are recommended or not recommended to use. The best number 1 lottery tips I can relay to you is, if you don’t use  good sound lottery tactics, you really are just wasting your time and money.

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