Silver Lotto System – Silver Or Fools Gold?

Is the Silver Lotto System Silver, or just a fools gold lottery wheeling system that has been around for years surviving on hype! We want to explain to you the truth about Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto system that he claims has helped millions to win the lottery.

Ken Silver says in his articles the Silver Lotto System will increase your chances of winning by thousands of times. It is stated on Ken Silver’s website that the Silver Lotto wheeling system which comes in a 52 page ebook, will give you a huge 98 percent win rate. Ken Silver even gives you tons of winners testimonials from using his Silver Lotto system and shows you some winning lottery tickets he says he won with his own system that made him a millionaire, hence the nick name Million Dollar Lotto Man.

Ken Silver at the same time suggests his Silver Lotto System which is the first part of this group of systems you are told later need to combine to get even better winnings. If the Silver Lotto system already gives a 98% win rate how much better can his Lotto-80 system combine really give you? Also why does Ken Silver state his System gives a 98% win rate, which means you will win 8 out of every 10 lotto draws, but then on another one of his lottery sites (Winner’s Circle Agreement) says:

Guarantee, I do not guarantee the members of the Winner’s Circle/ Lotto 80 wins or winnings at any stage. Lotto is a game of pure chance and all I can do is make my reasoned attempts to reduces your losses. My expertise and inside knowledge is no guarantee that your investment will do any better than normal. 

So now Ken Silver play a different tune to his guaranteed 98% win rate for the Silver Lotto System, why is there no statement of no guarantee for that system which is part of his lottery system group, it makes no sense at all.

Here is what we know as FACT about the Silver Lotto System By Ken Silver:

  • Silver Lotto System is a very basic type UN-Proven lottery wheeling system.
  • Silver Lotto Systems claimed 98% win rate is pure nonsense!
  • System has NO real lottery winners (NO PROOF).
  • Ken Silver is not a lottery expert at all, just a publisher/marketer.
  • Ken Silver has been reported by many review sites as UN-Trustworthy Seller.
  • System Testimonials have been found to be fake.
  • All good reviews on the system are by actual promoters of the system, selling it for commission, which can fool many people into thinking the system is very good when it is not!
  • Silver Lotto System when tested by many people, routinely failed to produce winning results (No 98% win rate not even 2% win rate).

There is simply no doubt about it, the Silver Lotto System is just a GIMMICK! Just a silly made-up system by Ken Silver made to sound like it is the next big thing, but ALL proof shows clearly it is a flop! Did you know the Silver Lotto system was entered into the 2013 best winning lottery system poll? It’s a fact and the system got extremely poor reviews, meaning not one single person voted for the silver Lotto System (No Winners At All) as a winning system they used. (click photo to enlarge)

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Now let me ask you this, if the Silver Lotto System was really as good of a lottery winning system as Ken Silver claims it to be, why would there be no people of the millions of winners using the system place there vote for the system? Seriously, this Silver Lotto System is a JOKE! With all the real facts pointing out the system and Ken Silver as Un-Trustworthy, you would have to be very silly to even think about buying this silly made-up system.

You seen the poll results, the best winning system 67% voted as a real winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. If you know anything about this system, you will know there are many verified lottery winners who use and recommend it. The next systems that are still much better than the Silver Lotto system are Smart Play Lotto Wheels (one of or favorites) then Smart Luck. All you need to do to get real lottery winning results is to use one of these best winning systems.

You now know the real truth behind Ken Silver and his not so great after all, Silver Lotto System. Good Luck and lets get out there and win some lottery money will ya!

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