Indiana Cash 5 – How to Play And Win Big!

How to play the Indiana Lucky 5 lottery game now called Indiana Cash 5 is easy, the lotto drawings take place twice daily Monday to Sunday. In each lotto drawing you select 5 numbers from 36 total numbers (Now is 5 from 39 numbers for Cash 5). To win the Lucky 5 or Cash 5 lottery jackpot you must match all 5 numbers that are drawn.The Lucky 5/Cash 5 jackpot is $50,000 and for just $1 you get your chance to win, so well worth playing. Indiana Cash 5 5/39 is a new pick-5 lotto game that began November 4, 2012. This game replaced Indiana’s former Lucky 5 game.

The odds of winning the Indiana Cash 5 lottery jackpot is 575,757 and the odds of winning any cash prize is 1 in 9.

Most people who play this lotto game never win that much as their strategy sucks! You cannot expect to win if you just use random lottery numbers, you must use actual proven winning strategies or systems that are known to win this Indiana lottery game.

There are only a few systems that claim to give good winning results for Indiana Lucky 5, of these systems most recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System as it has the best winning track record for Indiana Lucky 5/Cash 5 lotto game. There are many who have used this excellent system and hit the Lucky 5 jackpot more than once and many report hitting 4 out of 5 lottery winning numbers frequently.

Another excellent system that is recommended for winning the Indiana Lucky 5/Cash 5 lottery game is a top lottery wheeling system known for it’s superior winning results. The system is called Smart Play Lotto Wheels which is a very easy to use, very cost effective system recommended by many real lottery winners.

These are the two best reported winning systems for Indiana Lucky 5/Cash 5, Powerball, Mega Millions, Mix and Match, Hoosier Lotto. Forget about the way you play now, it is not working for you, use a real winning system and see your lottery winning results explode!

Lotto Guy Lottery System

Lotto Guy Lottery System Winning Formula