Powerball And Mega Millions Winning Strategies

Powerball Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery both huge lottery games with super high jackpots. winning one of these major lottery games would be life changing to say the least and the reality is you actually can increase your chances to win these lottery games! This may sound unbelievable, but it’s not, it is possible as it has become a reality for many winning lottery players. Many of these lottery winners are reporting hitting 4 lotto winning numbers and 5 lotto winning numbers combinations frequently playing these two very popular state lottery games.

Almost all U.S states play Powerball Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery, which equals a unbelievable amount of people or lottery players who are playing lotto routinely, which is also why these lottery games have the biggest lottery jackpots. Now for you to win and have much better real success playing these lottery games, you have to change the way you play to a smarter lotto strategy. It can’t just be any lotto strategy it must be a proven winning strategy to deliver real winning results! Of all the lottery systems or strategies that are available for these two lottery games, only two lotto strategies or lottery systems have the best winning track records for hitting the winning Powerball numbers and the winning Mega Millions numbers. The two lottery systems that are verified as best winning systems are

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System (Voted best winning system in the world)
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( Very effective wheeling system with special strategy to boost win rates)

In our own research into what lottery players are using, we find they are using one or both of these highly recommended lottery systems. Many are hitting four and five lotto winning number combinations playing Mega Million, usually all with-in a three to four month period, which is really great when compared to the millions of lottery players who never win even very small 3 lottery winning number combinations.

The fact is, the strategy used by these top winning systems Lotto Guy System and Smart Play System are very powerful when used separately, but when you combine these systems and use them together as a 2 lotto strategy mix as many do recommend, your Powerball winnings or Mega Million winnings could go through the roof as many jackpot winners found out. We know these are true systems and are winning many other lottery games world-wide, so the smart thing to do is use what the winners use correct? Need more proof? Look at the best winning lotto system poll results, see the best winning systems real lottery winners voted on as winning for them.


best winning lottery system winner – Lotto Guy System!

You are in control and can play the lotto anyway you want to, but is highly recommended to play Powerball or Mega Millions with verified real winning lottery systems known for hitting Powerball winning numbers and Mega Millions winning numbers, this will save you time and money jumping from system to system and never really know if your on the right track or not! Still need more proof, almost all lottery system review sites report these two top winning systems as good winning systems. See one trusted review site here Lottery Systems Reviews.

Here is the main websites for Lotto Guy System and Smart Play System if needed.

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Effective System

Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Worlds Best System

Caribbean Lottery Winning Strategies

There are not many strategies or systems for the Caribbean lottery games Caribbean Super Lotto and the Caribbean Mega 6 Lotto that work well until now! One of the best winning lottery systems in the world the Lotto Guy Lottery System has you covered if you play these lotto games.

Now winning the Caribbean lottery games really begins to get easier due to better more powerful winning strategies. The jackpots for these games are now higher than ever, which does attract many more people to play and try to win the Caribbean lottery. It is very sad that these Caribbean lottery games are not as popular as the Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions and so on, there really is not much out there for a well tested and proven strategy to help people win these lotto games, this is going to change right now with one of the best winning systems in the world and now a well proven winning system for the Caribbean Lottery Games. You will no longer have to use general random or self picked lottery numbers, birth dates and so on to try to win these lotto games, you now have access to the ONLY reported system in the world that has been proven to increase your odds to win these lotto games. The system I am recommending is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and was developed by real University techs, using real data pattern analysis from lotto games all over the world to create a superior very unique 3 step lottery system that simply kicks your winning lottery numbers into high gear. It is the best system by far for winning the Caribbean Lottery.

You now have the winning knowledge to improve your chances or odds to win the Caribbean lottery, use it wisely and the results will show themselves in the form of winning lottery tickets over and over again.

Caribbean Super Lotto

Caribbean Super Lotto

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Easy Lotto Winning Strategy For Real Success

Almost daily, we get we get people asking us, what is an easy lotto winning strategy for real success? To make this easy to understand, there are very good winning systems or lotto strategies, but they are usually a little harder to use, as they have more involved. Then we have the easier lotto strategies, which are using past drawn lotto numbers, but by themselves, lotto software past drawn numbers systems, really do not allow you to win much. Most of these types of systems are usually very hyped-up stating ridiculous win rates, just to sell a very common type system in which all info is available online free anyways. You need to use your past drawn lotto numbers in an actual system to get good winning success and the best easiest most effective system is a lottery wheeling system.Now that we have cleared that up, we can move on. You now know the easiest lotto strategy or system is a lottery wheeling system, but now we are faced with yet another problem, as lottery wheeling systems my all look similar, but that is about it. Lottery wheeling systems are not created equal, most in fact are very poorly put together either by some person, or some software. These are the usual lottery wheels you find in hyped-up lottery systems usually having claims as guaranteed to win the lottery, or very high win rates as 96% to even 100% win rates which of course is a lie! Then we have other systems stating a math professor designed them or some math genius which again is 99% of the time a lie!

Lottery wheeling systems that actually win lottery games are very hard to find, yet extremely easy to use. What you need to find and use is a true winning lottery wheeling system, that has been verified tested and proven to win the lotto! You can forget about reading testimonials, as these days almost every lottery site selling a system is using fake testimonials and the affiliates selling the system are also writing false reviews. Even the guaranteed 60 day refunds are usually not honored as many people have reported. So how do you find the serious real winning lottery wheeling systems? The best way is to study the recent 2013 best winning lottery system official poll results!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results


As you can clearly see the top winning system real lottery winners use to win lotto is the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which is not a lottery wheeling system and is harder to use. The next top winning system is a lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels and is rated as the top winning lottery wheeling system in the world! This system is very easy to use and very effective at hitting winning lottery numbers. We also have the next winning system Smart Luck, which is also a lottery wheeling system and was at one time the top wheeling system, but that was a long time ago. Then we see the lotto softeware systems or past drawn lotto numbers systems bringing up the read and is really no big surprise!

you now know the inside scoop of which systems are easy lotto winning strategy for real success! Real lottery winners use systems as Smart Play for winning lottery games as California Lottery, Colorado Lottery,  Florida Lotto, Georgia lottery, Illinois Lottery, Indiana Lottery, Lotto 649,  Mega Millions, Oregon Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Powerball Lottery, South African Lottery, Monday Night Lotto, Super Toto, Texas lotto and so on! Use the same systems lottery winners use to win the lottery, to help improve your chances to win the lottery, it is the smart way to play PERIOD!

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Lottery Prediction Software Systems Do Not Win Lotto

I still cannot believe people are using Lottery Prediction Software Systems and are expecting to win the lottery with them. The first thing you should be made aware of is, all lottery prediction systems that give you past drawn lottery numbers results, or what is also known as your Hot lottery numbers and Cold lottery numbers for your lotto game, is not really a lottery system at all! These types of systems basically give you lotto data that should be used in real lottery systems, not by themselves as seen over and over.

You will see many lottery systems selling this style of what they call a system, only because the lotto data they sell to you in the lotto software system is all obtained for free at lottery statistics websites, the same places you can get it for free also, this is the Ugly Truth! The thing we are most upset over is, these lottery prediction systems mostly all claim to give you huge win rates, which in reality will only be about a two percent win rate at best. We see about 8 out of every 10 people falling for this misleading type of lottery system, no wonder lottery systems are getting a bad rap, these people have never used a real lotto system, therefore no real winning results.

I want to show a recent best winning lottery system poll results, showing which lottery systems are actually winning lottery games as voted on by real lottery winners. Just click the poll results below and look at which systems were the top winning systems, you will see none of the systems were lottery prediction software systems (Past drawn lotto number systems).

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

I do not know how many people have fallen victim to these lottery prediction past drawn numbers systems, but I do know the top lottery system review sites all give these types of systems 2 thumbs down, they simply do not do as claimed, they do not win the lottery. You can see reviews at the sites listed below:

  1. Lottery Systems Review Group
  2. Lotto Guru System Reviews
  3. Lotto System Reviews The Truth!

Only use real verified winning lottery systems that real lottery winners use and recommend. If a lottery system sounds way to good to be true and has affiliates selling the system as with all sold through places as click bank, be leery about that system. Ask yourself why do they need affiliates selling the system? It’s is because the system win nothing and the seller only makes money by sales. You see the systems in the chart poll results that are winning systems, none of those systems have affiliates selling them, what a surprise!

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Lotto Payload System Good Or Bad?

Many people would like to know, if the Lotto Payload System is a good or bad lottery software system to use. The system tells you it can win any game more often with higher payouts, this sounds good if it really did as advertised. We our selves have tried the Lotto Payload system and we were not very impressed at all! Still we cannot go by just our failed results with this lotto software system, so we dug deep and really checked this system out from head to toe!

We browsed all the lottery forums and lottery system review sites to see what others are saying about this system. We found some very disturbing news, as not even one lottery system review site liked this system. In fact they all reported it was a virtually useless system that really did not work any better than playing random lottery numbers or quick picks. These reports from these review sites are given by real people who have tried the system and of course failed to win anything with it. That is exactly what happened when we tested the system, No Winners At All! Actually you can get the same lottery data the Lotto Payload system gives you totally free at many official lottery websites and this is exactly where the system gets their data to sell to you. Even though the lotto data is free it still does not work very good at all, a very commonly known poor lotto winning strategy.

Here is a few lottery system review sites you can read honest reviews for Lotto Payload System at:

  1. Lottery Systems Review Group
  2. Lotto System Reviews The Truth!
  3. Lottery Systems Reviews

OK, now we know there are many real poor reviews on this lottery software system Lotto Payload, so why so many good reviews when you do a search? This is very easy to answer, as when you do a search what comes up is most all good reviews by the many affiliates selling the system trying to earn commission sales, which is very bad as they will mislead you into thinking the system is great by writing fake reviews. We recommend never buying a lottery system if it has affiliates selling it as all systems sold through places as clickbank.

To show you even more solid proof of what real lottery players think of the Lotto Payload system, checkout the latest best lottery system poll results.

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

After looking at the official poll results, you can plainly see the Lotto Payload Software System won NO lottery games as NO people won using this system. This is solid proof the system is not worth using! Move on to real proven winning systems such as the 2013 poll winner Lotto Guy System, which is truly a great system. Or you can go with a genuine proven lottery winning wheeling system as Smart Lotto Wheels Play. Both these systems are top notch and have no affiliates selling them, they are serious real winning lottery systems.

Horoscope Lucky Numbers To Win The Lottery

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Formula 1 Lotto System Review Truth Exposed!

Here is are Formula 1 Lotto System review truth exposed, to show you the real scoop about this useless system. The actual system is not a winning system at all and it was not created by any professor named Glenn Hooke. We are reading very angry review from people who have fallen victim to this misleading system. People are very frustrated as this lottery software system claims, it will give you winning lottery results or win 8.7 times out of every 10 times you play the lotto. This is claim is not real and the Formula 1 Lotto System is just a very common lotto software system, with easily found material online for free!  The extremely hyped-up software system actually gives you no better odds to win than any other lotto software system. All lottery software system only give you around a 2% win rate period!

Almost of all lottery systems are created by marketers feeding you misleading advertising to grab a sale. Systems like the Formula 1 Lotto Software system are mostly full of lies and false advertising just to make a fast buck off of YOU and there will be NO REFUNDS! The Formula 1 Lotto System is rated very poorly by all lottery system review sites and has been thoroughly tested and found to be a non winning system. we will show you real proof of which lotto systems are really winning the lottery so you do not have to waste time and money.

we are writing this Formula 1 Lotto review as many people are getting very stressed out and extremely frustrated with these merry-go-round type useless lottery systems that do not deliver what they promise. A warning clue for you to remember is almost all fake lotto systems are sold through Click-Bank, so you get the message? There are a couple of real verified proven winning lottery systems out of the 40 or so useless ones on the market. Take a peek below at the latest 2013 best winning lottery systems poll official results and you will see verified solid proof of which systems are really used by lottery winners. You need to click on lotto poll to enlarge.

Formula 1 Lotto System Failed To Get Votes System Does Not Win Lotto!

Formula 1 Lotto System Failed To Get Votes System Does Not Win Lotto!

The Formula 1 Lotto System placed so low it is terrible to even think this system was developed by a professor, or fake professor. Not  good at all,  got only 1 vote most likely the marketer who owns and sells the system. Polls do not lie people! If the Formula 1 Lotto Software was actually winning lotteries as claimed, there would have been tons more people voting for it, but as you can see that did not occur. The proof is out and it is solid. Also lotto review sites report the Formula 1 System as a very poor winning system, many people who tried this lotto software reported NO WINS AT ALL and to put the icing on the cake, the official poll revealed NO WINNERS used this silly nonsense Formula 1 lotto System.

Our recommendation is to use the best proven systems that are highly recommended by real lottery winners like Smart Play Lotto Wheels ( the easiest very effective system to use) or the king of winning systems Lotto Guy Lottery System (Best lotto winning system in the world). Both of these systems are for real people, they are verified winning systems, that are making many people millionaires by winning lotto jackpots world-wide, so it just makes common sense to use the same winning systems.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Main Website: Check It Out!

Smart Play Lotto Wheels System Main Website: Check It Out!

Win Lotto Win Lotto 6/49

Many Canadians are trying to win Lotto 6/49 every Wednesday and Saturday each and every week, do they ever actually win? No, most Canadians hardly ever win Lotto 649, even the seemingly easiest three lotto number combinations. Are you one of these types of lottery players, who stick to playing every single Lotto 6/49 draw by playing lottery quick picks? Or maybe you just choose your own 649 Lotto numbers by random and top it off with by checking off the Lotto 649 Extra! This all makes sense, but sadly makes no dollars, as in winning 649 lottery tickets.

Here is the real scoop on the best way to hit winning Lotto 6/49 numbers and it truly is the smarter way to play. While it seems easy and fun to just tell the store clerk to hand you a quick pick lottery ticket, there are many people that firmly believe that quick picks are nothing but rehashed lotto numbers given to many lottery players over and over. Makes sense as the odds to win using only quick picks is very poor indeed. Almost every lottery expert that I have talked to never plays quick picks why? Because percentage-wise, there are more winners from hand picked numbers than quick picks and three times more winners using proven effective lottery systems, than hand picked numbers playing 649 lottery. So obviously if you are serious about hitting winning Lotto numbers, you MUST play smarter, makes sense right!

Now to reveal to you, the two top winning lottery a systems that have been verified and proven highly effective at winning Lotto 649. The first and highest rated system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This lotto system is now very well known for winning not only Lotto 6/49, but Western Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max. The next highly effective system is a top wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This is an excellent system if you like very easy to use lottery systems, great for people who have never used a lottery system in their life. See the example of one of many Lotto 649 winning lottery tickets below obtained with these lottery winning systems. Instead of winning only once on a lottery ticket, it is now possible to hit 2, 3, possibly even four lines of winning 649 numbers, try that with your quick picks or random numbers, it will not happen!

Western Lotto 649 winning lottery tickets

This single $6 lottery ticket won on 3 lines and look closely (click to enlarge) all the winning lotto numbers were not on the quick picks, solid proof a legit system works and is the smart way to play the lottery to actually win the lottery.

You now know what lotto systems are working to win Lotto 6/49, Western Lotto 649 and Lotto Max, the only step left is to get off your butt! Stop being lazy by just playing 649 quick picks, use a real system and you will have real increased odds to win Lotto 6/49. 

You can find the Lotto Guy System website here Lotto Guy Lottery System and you can find the Smart Play Lotto System here Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

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Lottery Circle System Busted – Lottery Circle

We are receiving many questions asking about the Lottery Circle System Software created by Ace Lee. We will answer these questions and set the truth about this lotto software system Ace Lee claims will give you a 96% win rate. Is the Lottery Circle lottery system a good system to use? Will the Lottery Circle system work as advertised by Ace Lee? Where can I view some real user reviews of the system? These are the most important questions that were asked in re-guards to this lotto software system.

Is The Lottery Circle A Good System To Use: The Lottery Circle System is basically a very common type past drawn number software system. The will give you the Hot and Cold numbers for whatever lottery game you play, as an example it will give your lotto numbers for Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, OZ Lotto,Lotto 6/49, UK Lotto, Virginia Lottery, Georgia Lottery, California Lottery and so on. This is all fine, but the thing is, you can get the exact same information for Free online. Just find your official lottery game website online (same place Ace Lee gets system info from) and look at the past 6 – 12 lottery draws and pick out the lotto numbers that hit frequently, these will be your Hot numbers and the numbers that do not come up as frequent, these are your cold numbers. The other thing about using this type of method, is it has been thoroughly proven to only increase your win rate by a few percent, not 96% as Ace Lee states on his sales page, that is false advertising or hype just to sell his system. Remember, Ace Lee is not a lottery expert as he claims to be, he is just a very common marketer trying to earn a fast buck from you!

Will The Lottery Circle System Work As Advertised: No, the Lottery Circle System will definitely NOT work as advertised. To even suggest a lotto system will give you a 96% win rate is just ridiculous and Ace Lee really should be ashamed of himself for advertising this nonsense. The system has in fact been tested many times over and the average win rate users reported was about 2% win rate at best. You cannot trust most of the reviews on the system as they are written by Ace Lee or affiliates promoting the system for commission, these are fake reviews. All real lottery system review sites report the system as being virtually useless at winning lotto games and to not trust the 60 day refund guarantee as is not usually honored and we also agree with that statement.

Where can you review some real user reviews of the Lottery Circle system: You should first start looking at what the reputable lottery system review sites have to say about the system.

  1. Lottery Systems Reviews
  2. Lotto System Reviews – The Truth!

Then you can read a few very interesting articles about Lottery Circle System, on the first one just make sure to scroll down to the bottom of article and read the many Real User Comments on Ace Lee’s system.

Ace Lee Lottery System Good Or Bad?

Lottery Circle software System A Waste Of Money

There are many more articles showing that this lotto software system is not worth your time and money, these were just a few I thought were good to view. Now for some solid proof of what others or users of this system rate it at for real, no fake testimonials or fake reviews to trick you. Here is is the latest best winning lottery system official poll results below. These are the top selling lotto systems and people voted on which system worked well for them. (Just click lotto poll to enlarge)

After viewing the poll results you can clearly see that Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle Software System was not liked as a winning system, people did not vote for it. This poll backs up what the review sites say, many others say and what we say, the Lottery Circle System is just misleading you with false advertising, it wins no more than using basic random lottery numbers or quick picks, which really is a poor strategy to win the lottery.

As you can see the number one best winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which makes sense, it is the ONLY system in the world developed by real techs, and real lottery number pattern analysis.

We would like to point out that when investigating lottery systems such as Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle, we find almost every single system that claims ridiculous win rates and is full of misleading advertising is being sold through Click Bank. We have warned people not to buy lottery systems through places that have affiliates that can promote the system, this leads to tons of fake reviews and lies to sell silly useless systems. Play the lottery using a real legit proven winning system is the smart way to play!


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Tips And Strategies For Winning Lotto 649

Do you want real winning tips and strategies for winning Lotto 649 or do you want to keep using your same losing strategy? It is no wonder people have a hard time even winning a simple three number combination winner playing the 649 Lotto, as they simply refuse to switch over to a smarter lotto strategy. I see this over and over again like clock work, how do you keep using the same losing strategy to pick your 649 Lotto numbers without realizing it is not working to your advantage.

The first tip I am going to reveal to all who play Lotto 649 is to STOP playing quick pick lottery tickets. Lotto quick picks actually give you the worst odds to win any Lotto 649 cash prize and when you are lucky and pull off a win, it will most likely be a 3 number combination winner, never a four or five lotto number winning 649 ticket. Did you know even play total random lotto numbers produces better Lotto 649 winning numbers than quick picks? The computer generated method is not on your side at all!

The absolute best way to play Lotto 649, Western Lotto 649 and even the big Lotto Max is to use a proven strategy or what we call a lottery system. Which system you choose to use, MUST depend on how good it works for winning your particular lotto game. To save you hours or even weeks of searching for systems, then months of testing and trying to find a good system, we have already done that for you! All we ask in return is to pass the article on to others to help them out.

There are ONLY TWO verified tested and proven winning systems for Lotto 649.

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels

These are the systems that many real 649 Lotto winners are using and recommending to use, they are not just your common Lotto 649 Hot and Cold numbers systems, far different winning strategy. We have investigated this and yes, it is true! We even tested out the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system as it is super easy and very effective. As you can see below, we won a 4 lottery number winner on a 2 dollar Western 649 lottery ticket. We also won 3 more winning tickets all 3 lottery number winners on $2 tickets during our very short test.

Western Lotto 649 Winning Ticket

Western Lotto 649 Winning Ticket

We then won another 4 lottery number winner and a 3 lottery number winner on a $6 dollar Western Lotto 649 ticket. We also won 4 three lottery number winners on a few other lottery tickets we played. The point is, it was not hard to hit 3 and 4 winning lottery number combinations with the Smart Play System. If used for a while consistently could certainly prove to be very rewarding.

Western 649 Winning Lottery ticket

Western 649 Winning Lottery ticket

We have seen proof of 5 lottery number winnings with the Smart Play System and the Lotto Guy Lottery System. We know there are real Lotto 649 jackpot winners who have using these systems to seriously increase there win rates. The Smart Play Lotto Wheels System cannot be used for Lotto Max, you must use the Lotto Guy Lottery System if you want to play Lotto 649 and Lotto Max.

Other systems claim they will help you win, these two superior systems not only claim to help you win there is substantial proof these systems kick Lotto 649 Ass! Use them they work!

Trying to win Lotto 649 or Lotto Max without using a good proven winning strategy, is like playing pool blindfolded, you simply are not going to have good results. Yes, there are 649 Lotto winners and Lotto Max winners who just won by shear luck, but there are way more lotto jackpot winners and winners that win the smaller cash prizes more consistently do to using a good system such as the two recommended.

The choice is yours, you are the one paying for the lottery tickets you play, so you decide which is the smartest for winning Lotto 649 and stick with it, as you most certainly cannot win, if you do not play!

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review The Truth

Does Lotto Guy Lottery System Work?

Silver Lotto System – Silver Or Fools Gold?

Is the Silver Lotto System Silver, or just a fools gold lottery wheeling system that has been around for years surviving on hype! We want to explain to you the truth about Ken Silver and his Silver Lotto system that he claims has helped millions to win the lottery.

Ken Silver says in his articles the Silver Lotto System will increase your chances of winning by thousands of times. It is stated on Ken Silver’s website that the Silver Lotto wheeling system which comes in a 52 page ebook, will give you a huge 98 percent win rate. Ken Silver even gives you tons of winners testimonials from using his Silver Lotto system and shows you some winning lottery tickets he says he won with his own system that made him a millionaire, hence the nick name Million Dollar Lotto Man.

Ken Silver at the same time suggests his Silver Lotto System which is the first part of this group of systems you are told later need to combine to get even better winnings. If the Silver Lotto system already gives a 98% win rate how much better can his Lotto-80 system combine really give you? Also why does Ken Silver state his System gives a 98% win rate, which means you will win 8 out of every 10 lotto draws, but then on another one of his lottery sites (Winner’s Circle Agreement) says:

Guarantee, I do not guarantee the members of the Winner’s Circle/ Lotto 80 wins or winnings at any stage. Lotto is a game of pure chance and all I can do is make my reasoned attempts to reduces your losses. My expertise and inside knowledge is no guarantee that your investment will do any better than normal. 

So now Ken Silver play a different tune to his guaranteed 98% win rate for the Silver Lotto System, why is there no statement of no guarantee for that system which is part of his lottery system group, it makes no sense at all.

Here is what we know as FACT about the Silver Lotto System By Ken Silver:

  • Silver Lotto System is a very basic type UN-Proven lottery wheeling system.
  • Silver Lotto Systems claimed 98% win rate is pure nonsense!
  • System has NO real lottery winners (NO PROOF).
  • Ken Silver is not a lottery expert at all, just a publisher/marketer.
  • Ken Silver has been reported by many review sites as UN-Trustworthy Seller.
  • System Testimonials have been found to be fake.
  • All good reviews on the system are by actual promoters of the system, selling it for commission, which can fool many people into thinking the system is very good when it is not!
  • Silver Lotto System when tested by many people, routinely failed to produce winning results (No 98% win rate not even 2% win rate).

There is simply no doubt about it, the Silver Lotto System is just a GIMMICK! Just a silly made-up system by Ken Silver made to sound like it is the next big thing, but ALL proof shows clearly it is a flop! Did you know the Silver Lotto system was entered into the 2013 best winning lottery system poll? It’s a fact and the system got extremely poor reviews, meaning not one single person voted for the silver Lotto System (No Winners At All) as a winning system they used. (click photo to enlarge)

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results 2013

Now let me ask you this, if the Silver Lotto System was really as good of a lottery winning system as Ken Silver claims it to be, why would there be no people of the millions of winners using the system place there vote for the system? Seriously, this Silver Lotto System is a JOKE! With all the real facts pointing out the system and Ken Silver as Un-Trustworthy, you would have to be very silly to even think about buying this silly made-up system.

You seen the poll results, the best winning system 67% voted as a real winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. If you know anything about this system, you will know there are many verified lottery winners who use and recommend it. The next systems that are still much better than the Silver Lotto system are Smart Play Lotto Wheels (one of or favorites) then Smart Luck. All you need to do to get real lottery winning results is to use one of these best winning systems.

You now know the real truth behind Ken Silver and his not so great after all, Silver Lotto System. Good Luck and lets get out there and win some lottery money will ya!

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